Policies, Rules, Expectations

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VHSL 2012-13 Handbook

Excerpts from AHS Student Handbook

AHS has interscholastic athletic programs in football, basketball, cross-country, golf, volleyball, baseball, softball, soccer and track.
AHS also has varsity and JV Cheerleading squads for fall and Winter sports seasons as well as a competition cheer squad. Participation in these sports is open to all students eligible under VHSL policies. All interscholastic activities at AHS are conducted according to the policies established by the VHSL. Each individual sport will also have team rules and behavior expectations established and enforced by the coaching staff. Student athletes are expected to abide by all team rules and VHSL policies as a condition of continued participation in interscholastic athletics. Information on how to become a member of these school teams is available from the athletic director or individual coaches. Scheduled tryouts are announced in advance, and team members are selected by the coaching staff for each individual sport. A physical is required for participation in all interscholastic sports, including tryouts. Also, every student participating in interscholastic sports must be covered by Board-approved scholastic accident insurance or interscholastic football insurance.

Students who are absent from school, arrive late (more than 15 minutes after the school day begins), or check out early during the school day are not allowed to participate in any after-school activities that day. Students will not be able to practice or play on days they are assigned to Out-of-School Suspension (OSS). Students may not practice or play until completion of an In-School Supervision (ISS) assignment. Students serving a multiple day assignment may resume practice or play following the completion of the last day of the ISS assignment. Students who plan to attend athletic practices that do not begin immediately after school, must leave the building and grounds and return closer to the practice’s start time unless they have pre-arranged plans to be supervised by a coach or other staff member. Parents/guardians should pre-arrange transportation for their child to/from practices. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by an administrator.


No students are allowed in the gym, practice fields, or weight room before, during, or after school without direct supervision of a staff member. Any time schools are closed due to inclement weather, all extra-curricular activities will be canceled. This applies to all weather-related early releases and school closings, regardless of the employee code. Previously scheduled athletic practices and competitions, both home and away, will be canceled unless approved by the superintendent. The superintendent makes all weather-related school closing decisions for the entire school division. Any change in weather conditions that may warrant an exception to any the above must be discussed with the superintendent, through the principal, before a decision is made. These restrictions also apply to facility use by AAU, Parks & Rec, and any other outside group. Coaches will NOT be allowed to hold “invitational” or any other form of optional practices on weather-related early releases and school closings.


Students and their families are encouraged to show their school spirit and support of student athletes by attending AHS sports events. Admission cost is charged for all sports events as established by the Three Rivers District. The Athletic Director may appoint students, parents, and/or community members to serve as Event Staff. Event Staff will assist with set up, ticket collection, and other duties associated with the management of the event. Event Staff will not be charged any admission cost.
Spectators are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship and behavior that positively reflect on our school and community. Laser pointers are strictly prohibited at athletic events. Students are reminded that the Code of Conduct applies to all school-sponsored activities and that inappropriate behavior may result in disciplinary action, including removal from the sports event and school grounds. Students who plan to attend athletic and other school-sponsored events that do not begin immediately after school, must leave the building and grounds and return closer to the event’s start time unless they have pre-arranged plans to be supervised by a staff member. Parents/guardians should pre-arrange transportation for their child to get home after such events.
Any student who has a delinquent or outstanding debt – library fines, charges for lost/damaged books, unpaid fees for uniforms, unresolved accounts for fundraisers, etc. – will not be allowed to participate in athletic events. Any student attending an athletic event while on the debt list will be subject to disciplinary action. See the Delinquent Debts section for further information.